Are You Ready to Experience Success & THRIVE?

Our Most Comprehensive Program!

Designed for People Who...

Want to Achieve the following..
  •  Finally Get Their Body “RIGHT”
  • ​ Get FIT without Losing Momentum or Getting Injured
  •  Reach Their Ideal Weight & Keep it OFF
  • ​ Get Past Being TOO BUSY & Make Progress on What Matters
  • ​Learn a Proven System for Achieving YOUR GOALS with Confidence & Grace
  • ​Improve Life Balance & Experience Success at Work, Family, and Play

Problems We Help Solve!
The Problem...
In today’s fast paced, fast food, get it done now life-style, it’s easy to get sucked up into work, family, house, responsibilities, and all the other things that come at you.

Focus goes towards putting out fires and getting through daily challenges.

Then, years fly by & we look up to realize we are not as healthy or fit as we would like and there hasn’t been much progress towards goals that matter to us.

We want to be healthier, fit, and more accomplished but we can't imagine finding the time or energy to add one more thing to our already busy day!

And if we could get off the hamster wheel long enough to take action, we are not entirely sure where to even start! 

Or the other scenario..
You suffer an injury or develop a physical issue that is difficult to get rid of completely. You want to get into shape but efforts to go to the gym or work with a trainer ends up aggravating your condition... 

Or you start working out but can't seem to stick with it.

You lose momentum and get discouraged, because of being unable to follow through to make lasting change.

If this pattern occurs more than once it is easy to internalize it, lose confidence, and end up doubting our ability to make the desired change.

This is all too common and I can honestly say I have been there myself.

Time is short.
Don't settle for just getting by without a plan, lacking knowledge, or waste time being unable to follow through on actions necessary to achieve success!

The effects of failing to take action are not readily visible as they occur so slowly they are not easily seen until something stops you in your tracks.

For example if the first cigarette smoked resulted in loss of aerobic capacity, weathered skin, and lung cancer then nobody would pick it up in the first place.

Unfortunately just like poor habits, the effect is so gradual signs/symptoms are delayed to the point that the original cause and effect relationship are no longer apparent so the problem is able to quietly worsen.

There are in fact silent hazards.
And they come in the form of lack of knowledge, procrastination, poor choices, and not taking action. 

Not knowing How, What, and Why, or fully appreciating the precious nature of time can result in a less than ideal existence that is less than we are capable of.

Impaired health, diminished physical capability, recurrent struggles, goals unaccomplished, and a life experience that could have shined brighter can be the outcome. 

The preceding is not something anyone needs to experience!

We understand how hectic life can be & how difficult it can be to take action to reach your goals in today's obstacle rich environment.

Here is the thing...

You Can THRIVE Regardless of Age, Physical Challenge, or Starting Place!

With the Right Knowledge, Guidance, & Taking Action!

You Can...

  •  Finally Get Your Body “RIGHT”
  • ​ Get FIT without Losing Momentum or Getting Injured
  •  Reach Your Ideal WEIGHT & Keep it OFF
  • ​ Get Past Being TOO BUSY & Make Progress on What Matters
  • ​Learn a PROVEN SYSTEM for Achieving YOUR GOALS with Confidence & Grace
  • Improve Life BALANCE & ​EXPERIENCE SUCCESS at Work, Family, and Play
Why the Transformation Academy Exists..

(And Why It Matters)

I had a somewhat atypical childhood as I was raised on a horse farm in Central Florida. The farm provided an active lifestyle and I competed in a wide variety of sports. One of my greatest passions was participating in high excitement physical sports such as motocross racing and football, which I played through college for the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

The ability to be active was very important to me and I was intrigued with how the human body worked so it took me down the path of pursuing Physical Therapy as a career. 

I was five years into my career and looking back on it now I know there were a variety of reasons that it happened...

but I was completely unprepared when I sustained a significant back injury.

At one point my back was so irritable that light pressure pushing on anything would cause my left leg to go numb. I couldn’t sit, stand, or work, much less do anything athletic.

I was in a very difficult place because I was afraid of losing the ability to pursue a career that I loved.  

Not only that but being active was part of my identity and necessary for everything I enjoyed. I felt like I was losing a critical part of myself and everything I had worked for.
The fear of losing the ability to do something you care deeply about and not know what to do about it is not pleasant and something that I don't want any of you to have to experience!

This went on for some time….

At the time it seemed like the harder I tried the worse I got.

I started to research how to help myself and came across a journal article that was about the mind body connection and foundations of health... which described the issues I was having.

I continued to search for more information… leading to more discoveries.

I deepened my understanding of mindset and how it impacts what and how we feelas well as foundations of health. 

I applied what I learned and started getting better.

I began developing these ideas & methods with my patients to great results!

I realized that treating an injury is never an isolated issue & basic exercise training alone is not enough.

To be effective, you need to figure out why something happened in the first place….

And a complete, holistic approach that addresses movement patterns, fitness, and mindset are keys!

Do you remember when you were a kid and moving, running, and playing was easy, & you could just do it? 

This is something we can begin to get back if you do it the right way.

Do you want me to tell you one of the keys to getting back to moving easily?

What do infants and children do?

Quite simply, they have fun rolling, crawling, balancing, and playing. 

These are all foundational movements that serve as building blocks for our more complex movement patterns as adults. 

We SHOULD maintain this movement practice well into adulthood and even old age, however, a typical inactive lifestyle, lack of knowledge, and a poor mechanism for continued practice leads to premature loss of independence and physical capability

We continued to refine and perfect our approach from helping our clients, 

Fast forward through years of practicing. 

I noticed the majority of people had great success.
However, a percentage of people, usually middle-aged busy adults, reported not having the time to focus on themselves. 

They were frustrated by not experiencing the level of success they wanted out of life.

They wanted to get rid of recurrent problems, be healthier, and reach their goals; but knowing what to focus on and how to get it done in their current stage of life was the challenge. 

I was experiencing a similar phenomenon as now I am a father, husband, business owner, and still an aspiring athlete who wears many hats… 

I understand feeling like you are on a hamster wheel!

Always feeling like juggling trying to keep many balls in the air without dropping any of them.

I really wanted to be able to help people with an evolution that I believe most of us go through as we get older.

So, I dove into the research trying to learn everything I could about creating a winning mindset, time management, how to achieve goals successfully, and foundations of health as we age.

The list was long and I'm still at it ..... but the outcome has been startling.

This knowledge has made such a difference for me and others…. that I feel everyone should be exposed to the information as early on in their lives as possible.

We put what I have learned from continual study, ongoing training, and 20+ years of practicing as a health care practitioner and life coach… into a single program. 

The goal was to create something completely unique for the purpose of helping people to be healthy, active, successful, and to thrive like never before.

We call it “Thrive Transformation Academy.” 
It is for the active adult who may have been hindered by physical issues, struggles to achieve their physical/life goals, and wishes to lead a more active, balanced, & accomplished life.

In creating it,
we have combined principles of building a successful mindset, proven methods for achieving goals/success, and have developed a revolutionary Movement Based Fitness Program. 

It is unlike anything else and more comprehensive than any program I have been able to find. 
And the results have been amazing!

When people are able to put all the pieces together in a complete way they are able to profoundly change their lives for the better from the foundation up!

It has been a remarkable process to observe first hand!

After creating Transformation Academy and our company, 
I was not only able to achieve a successful career helping others to thrive, I’ve also been able to stop seeing people struggle, because we can now help people at a deeper level to be more healthy, fit, and successful in achieving a fulfilling life.

I could not be more excited to encourage people to participate in this amazing program.

It is the culmination my life's work that has the ability to significantly improve the quality of your life. 

Take action now to Transform your life and THRIVE!

C. Clarke Tanner PT, MPT, COMT, ATC, CSCS, FMSC, TPI
I have always enjoyed anatomy, physiology and how the human body works. I volunteered at an outpatient physical therapy clinic, loved the experience and realized that physical therapy was what I wanted to pursue as my career. The wide variety of problems we encounter and the diverse patient population makes this profession very interesting. I enjoy figuring out what is wrong and working to correct it.
“I am fortunate to help patients feel better so they can return to the activities they enjoy. I am most proud of our outstanding clinical outcomes, high patient success rate and ability to treat even the most difficult problems effectively. Fitting our care to the patients’ needs is our trademark.”

Master of Physical Therapy: (cum laude) Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Certified: (with distinction) Manual Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Member: American Physical Therapy Association, American Academy of Osteopathic Manual Manipulative Therapy, Mid-Atlantic Physical Therapy Associates, Virginia Physical Therapy Association

Thrive Transformation Academy

Our Most Comprehensive Program
7 Talented Professionals with 91 Years of Combined Experience

This is our most comprehensive program where we walk you through the Thrive Transformation Academy curriculum step by step, answer your questions, make sure you understand it, give your expert advise, guide, coaching, and support you through the entire process. 

The Academy will provide you the environment, support, and accountability you need to follow through and achieve success.

This program is not for everyone! 

It is for the active adult who may have been hindered by physical issues, who struggles to achieve their physical/life goals, and wants to be more successful but doesn't want to go it alone. 

For the person who has tried in the past to be more fit, have increased energy, lose weight, and to establish positive habits but has not been able to achieve it.... 

and wants it to be different this time!

For the person who has tried to hit the gym but has either failed to establish the habit or has gotten injured and discouraged in the process.

For the person who wants a higher level of expertise and the guidance/support of a team of highly trained professionals with a positive track record.

For the person who wants as holistic comprehensive program that addresses multiple components of health including.. 
nutrition, musculoskeletal, fitness, mindset, life strategies, and foundational pillars of health/success.

For the person who values their time, knows there is likely an easier/better way and wants to get there as fast as possible.

For the person who would like to have a team of professionals to interact with, learn from, and to have an enjoyable experience working with.

For the active adult who values their health and understands the importance of investing in their own personal growth and development.

Academy Entrance Criteria:

Limited availability*

  • To ensure quality of the program there are only 15-20 spaces available per quarterly class! 
  • ​To make sure you get the most out of your experience and to ensure that we are a good fit for each other...
  • There is a Pre-Entry application/phone interview with our Wellness Director (not a salesperson!) that is required prior to final admission into the program!
  • ​Readiness/Suitability criteria: that we are a good fit for each other, your goals/needs match what we are able to provide, and that the timing is good for you in being able to accomplish what you are looking to achieve!

Our most comprehensive program with never before offered bonuses at an amazing price!

Reservation deposit details see below..

Build Success Habits for Life Training Sessions

Real People, Real Training, Real Support!

This Comprehensive Program provides the solution to living an active, successful, and fulfilling life. 
Stop being frustrated by poor health, low energy, lack of success, or settling for less than you want for yourself! 
Experience success and live the life of your dreams.

You will taken through Eight Weeks of Training based on the TCWP, supported throughout, and we will make sure you get through the curriculum successfully. You will have a team of seven talented professionals working with you. We will not let you fail! 

You will compete the academy having achieved your goals with the habits and road map you need to thrive!

Tailored for You & Your Needs 

Custom Exercise Prescription and Training Sessions (Eight 60 Minute Sessions)

Be Active and Mobile.
Pursue Activities You Love with Confidence.
Be Fit-Safely! 

We will work with you one-on-one to help you to be fit, avoid injury, and feel great!

Our professionals are well trained with proven track records. We utilize a comprehensive repertoire of exercise disciplines such as Pilates, Yoga, Functional Activities, Corrective Exercise, Movement Reeducation, Principles of Natural Movement, etc…. which allows us to make the best choices for you.
Our team will tailor an exercise program for you and give the support needed to reach your goals.

You will complete TTA with the knowledge, skills, and habits to achieve success long term! 

Your Needs..Your Plan..

One-on-One Health and Wellness-Coaching (Three Sessions)

Break Through Your Limitations!
Make Progress On What Matters!
Direct Your Future and THRIVE!

Our Health & Wellness Coach will serves as your guide to assist in formulating a path from where you are now, to where you want to be. They are experts in BEHAVIOR CHANGE who will help you establish new habits that will lead you past recurring issues and towards success.

Our coach will help you improve physical health, relationships, finance, career, personal growth, life transitions, personal success, work/career performance, and to achieve your goals. 

Complete TTA with the road map to direct your future and thrive!

Start Right Physical Therapy Consultation

Make Great Choices!

A plan is only effective if you know where you are starting from. Once your physical needs are identified we will construct the program to get you where you want to go. With your needs in mind we can make the best choices for you, prevent injury, gain fitness, and help you to feel great!

Healthy Nutrition For Life Training  

Feel Great, Maintain a Healthy Weight, & Thrive Through Healthy Eating!

Learn cooking and eating habits to improve your health, to feel good, to maintain a healthy weight, and to have the consistent energy level you need to live an active and vibrant life!

You'll be led by a nutritionist and natural foods chef in a structured and encouraging virtual group setting with folks on the same mission. In this class, you'll gain foundational nutrition and lifestyle knowledge along with practical tips to make it happen as well as minimize stress around food. By taking a holistic, whole foods based approach

We'll reset the body by removing inflammatory and craving trigger foods that get in the way of us feeling and looking our best. Instead, we'll focus on fresh, delicious, seasonal, minimally processed foods (recipe collection included) and spend this time practicing building habits around meal planning, cooking, and eating in a way that supports a healthy relationship with food and nutrition habits to help you thrive.


Massage Therapy (Two 60 Minute Sessions)

You will be rewarded with two sessions with our talented massage therapist who will help you to feel great!
Regain mobility, reduce tension, and de-stress!

Reduce pain/stiffness, relax, and move towards a more balanced state! 

Soft Tissue Restoration & Relaxation Training

Soft Tissue Toolkit

Relax, Restore, and Feel Great-Long Term!

These Soft Tissue Mobilization Tools and Training Videos will teach you how to decrease muscle tension, increase mobility, eliminate stress, and , understand how to take care of yourself so you can feel your best now and in the future!

Personal Success Coordinator

Your "No Fail" Quarterback!

Experience Success and Reach Your Goals!

You will be given a "Personal Success Coordinator" who will walk you through the program step by step and support your through the entire process to make sure you follow through and reach your targets. They will be your personal secret weapon for making sure you get where you want to go (and have a great time)!

Bonus #1

Learn Right For Life!

Exercise/Support Library Membership

We've never opened up an offer like this to the public before, and you most likely won't see it ever again, so don't delay, act fast!

Bonus #2

Support & Build Your Tribe!

TTA Closed Facebook Page

We've never opened up an offer like this to the public before, and you most likely won't see it ever again, so don't delay, act fast!

Bonus #3

 Best of Strive To Thrive!

Podcast Series Collection

We've never opened up an offer like this to the public before, and you most likely won't see it ever again, so don't delay, act fast!

Recap of Everything Included In

Thrive Transformation Academy 

  • ​Success Habits for Life Training Curriculum: Live Training, Support, & Accountability ($6320 Value)
  • ​Thrive Complete Wellness Program-Digital Training Curriculum & Bonuses ($3149 Value)
  • ​Tailored for You & Your Needs: Custom Exercise Prescription and Training Sessions ($725 Value)
  • ​Your Needs..Your Plan Life-Coaching: One-on-One Health, Wellness Life-Coaching ($540 Value)                 
  • ​Start Right Physical Therapy Consultation ($355 Value)
  • ​Healthy Nutrition For Life Training ($399 Value)
  • ​Relax..Rejuvenate..Restore: Massage Therapy ($218 Value)
  • ​Soft Tissue Relaxation and Restoration Training: Soft Tissue Toolkit ($299 Value)
  • ​Personal Success Coordinator: Your "No Fail" Quarterback ($599 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1: Learn Right For Life: Exercise and Support Library Membership ($1080 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: Support and Build Your Tribe: TTA Closed Facebook Page ($350 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Best of Strive To Thrive: Podcast Series Collection ($299  Value)

Total Value: $14,333

Today You Can Reserve a Spot for this Entire Package & TTA Curriculum!
Two Ways to Reserve YOUR Spot:

For Only Four Easy Payments of $375

One Time Payment of $1278

Please Click Your Preferred Method of Payment Only ONCE to Avoid the Possibility of Duplicate charges!

You Have No Risk Whatsoever!

We take your decision to put your faith in us very seriously and for this reason there is no risk to you whatsoever! If you are not completely satisfied with the program you have 30 days to receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked!
"For anyone looking to identify their own personal roadblocks and how to go about overcoming them, this program is a TURN KEY opportunity for success. Trust me, it has been well worth the investment!"
- Bonnie A. Virginia
"I am a pro hockey player. I took a year off due to overcome an injury. Thrive showed me how to use the tools to unlock the path to my potential. To anyone else dealing with a set back or trying time, I can’t recommend this program enough."
- Kyle R. Virginia
What You Will Learn

Thrive Transformation Academy

  • ​How to Ask KEY Questions Proven To Lead To A Better Life? (Module One)
  • ​How to Improve BALANCE In All Aspects of Your Life? (Module Two)
  • ​How to Find the INNER DRIVE to Persevere Through Anything? (Module Five)
  • ​What to Focus on To ACHIEVE Your Goals Gracefully? (Module Three)
  • ​Why DISCIPLINE Is a MYTH and How to Succeed Without Shear Willpower? (Module Five)
  • ​Why CHALLENGING GOALS Are Absolutely Necessary & Common Reasons for Failure? (Module Nine)
  • ​How to Identify Hidden Factors That "Lie Under the Water" That Can DERAIL You From SUCCESS? (Module Six)
  • ​How to ELIMINATE the Dangers of Unrecognized Habits? (Module Seven)
  • ​How to Design Your Habits to GUARANTEE Success? (Module Eleven)
  • ​How to Apply A PROVEN FORMULA To Happiness & Fulfillment? (Module Sixteen)
The preceding is just some of what you will be learning in the Thrive Transformation Academy.

How would you like to learn some of the preceding? 

Do you think if you fully understood and took action on just a few of them it would make a difference in your life?

Could you improve your health, be more fit, reduce frustration, break through old barriers, achieve your goals, accomplish more, avoid costly mistakes, save time, be more successful, and create a compelling future?

Having experienced profound effects in my own life.. 
and having seen the results participants have achieved in the program there is no doubt!

The question is will you?

I am not going to tell you it is easy or that it doesn't take work because it absolutely does.

Nor am I going to tell you because you enroll in the program that you will automatically accomplish what you want.

No program will.
Anybody who tells you different is not being truthful.

It takes learning concepts, honest introspection, dogged execution, and being willing to continue to work at it until you get exactly what you want.

After all, our goal here is not a one time event like losing 20 pounds and calling it a day!

It's trying to give you the know how, structure, and systems for you to go out and get the life you want. 

What ever that means to you, no matter where you are starting from, or how old.

It is to help you achieve your goals, avoid wasting time, to be the captain of your ship...

and to make the most out of the most precious resources you have...

your health, relationships with yourself/others, and time.

Does this program have all the answers and guarantee you success? Absolutely not! 

Because just showing up is step one.

It's what you do when you show up that matters.

This program will give you a window and an opportunity to move towards something better. 

We created the Transformation Academy to provide a completely new path to develop the mindset, acquire knowledge, and to gain the fitness needed to thrive in today challenge rich environment.

When you have the right mindset, knowledge, & guidance taking action needed to be successful is easy!

We hope to see you in the program and to have the opportunity to help you.

Whatever route you take I would urge... push...and shove you if that is what it takes! (even if not with us)

Do not stand still move forward! 
Are You Ready to Change Your Life & THRIVE?
If you are someone who is serious about:
wanting to be healthier, more fit, overcome barriers that have hindered you, reach your ideal weight, accomplish your goals, and to get more out of yourself than you are currently getting on your own!

I am excited to encourage you to take the leap and be part of the THRIVE Transformation Academy!

We have worked tirelessly to construct the academy and assemble a team of seven talented professionals (with a combined experience of 91 years) who will not let you fail!

If you take action the THRIVE Transformation Academy can and will change your life for the better!
It caters to your specific needs and will provide you with:

the education, systems, mindset, and support/accountability for your to be successful beyond what you thought possible!

Our team of professionals will guide and support you every step of the way to...
ensure you learn what is needed, establish a sound foundation and acquire the skills needed to thrive in life!

What are the components of Thrive Transformation Academy?
• Build Success Habits for Life Training Curriculum: Live Training, Support, & Accountability
• Thrive Complete Wellness Program-Digital Curriculum & Bonuses
• Tailored for You & Your Needs: Custom Exercise Prescription and Training Sessions
• Your Needs..Your Plan Life-Coaching: One-on-One Health, Wellness Life-Coaching
• Start Right Physical Therapy Consultation
• Healthy Nutrition For Life Training
• Relax..Rejuvenate..Restore: Massage Therapy
• Soft Tissue Relaxation & Restoration Training: Soft Tissue Toolkit
• Personal Success Coordinator: Your "No Fail" Quarterback!
• Bonus #1: Learn Right For Life: Exercise and Support Library Membership
• Bonus #2: Support and Build Your Tribe: TTA Closed Facebook Page
• Bonus #3: Best of Strive To Thrive: Podcast Series Collection

You might be asking how do I know if this program is worth it for me?
Participation in a comprehensive program of this nature is an investment in yourself. Being that it is an investment it tends to cause people to take it seriously and put out the effort needed to get the most out of the program because they have skin in the game.

Each element and the support you will receive can help you to reach goals that previously eluded you.

If you work to excel in the program and apply what you have learned in the future, the value and potential for what it can bring to your life & the time you will save is priceless!

When measuring the benefits versus investment it is influenced by your current circumstances and an individual decision based on what achieving your goals and the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life is worth to you.

You might be asking yourself how will I coordinate the various programming?
You will be given a personal success coordinator who will discuss your goals/objectives, walk through the program, arrange your schedule with the team, and assist you in making sure you attain your goals as well as to have an amazing experience!

You might be asking yourself why should I consider this program?
It is tailored for your needs, with high support that is unique and more complete than any program I have found so far.

Results of our past participants have been amazing!

It is for the active adult, who may have been hindered by physical issues, that has struggled to achieve physical/life goals, to be successful in leading a healthier, happier, and more accomplished life.

You might be asking yourself what if I don't like it?
We take your decision to put your faith in us very seriously and for this reason there is no risk to you whatsoever. If you are not completely satisfied with the program you have 30 days to receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked.

Final Thoughts From Clarke

If you have interest in a program that walks you step by step and gives you what needed to be successful in reaching any goal this is the right place for you.

It is my hope the extensive nature of the TTA programming and unequaled professional support are compelling enough that you can see yourself being successful, & it urges you to take action.

It is my wish that this is a catalyst and foundation for what you envision and the life you are then able to achieve!

Give us a chance to make a difference for you!

Let us help you to live a more healthy, active, and fulfilling life!

to your health and success,

C. Clarke Tanner PT, MPT, COMT, ATC, CSCS, FMSC, TPI.

We Are Now Taking Applicants for January!

Only 15 Slots Available!

THRIVE Transformation Academy
Get back on track & THRIVE!
This is a great post pandemic get back on track program!

In addition to this extremely discounted tuition we've thrown in massive value! Don't miss this chance!

*Live Training, Support, Accountability ($6320)
*Thrive Complete Well Prog-Digital ($3149)
*Custom Exer. Prescrip. & Training Sessions ($725)
*One-on-One Health, Wellness Life-Coaching ($540)
*Healthy Nutrition For Life Training ($399)
*Massage Therapy ($218)
*Soft Tissue RR Training: Toolkit ($299 Value)
*Physical Therapy Consultation ($355)
*Personal Success Coordinator ($599)
*Exercise/Support Library Year Membership ($1080)
*TTA Closed Facebook Page ($350)
*Podcast Series Collection ($299)

Total Value: $14,333
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